Disclaimer and gender clause

The management report as well as the Annual Report in other respects contain forward-looking statements as well as expectations and forecasts. These are based on the information available to us at the time of publica- tion, which we have deemed to be reliable after careful consideration. We do not assume an obligation to update based on new information and future events after the publication of this information. We have derived our estimations and conclusions from these forward-looking statements, expectations and forecasts.

We expressly point out that all of our future-oriented statements are associated with known or unknown risks or imponderables and are based on conclusions relating to future events, which depend on risks, uncertainties and other factors that are outside of our area of influence. Such developments can result from, among other things, a change in the general economic situation, the competitive situation, the development of the capital markets, changes in the tax law and legal framework and from other risks. The events actually occurring in the future may thus turn out to be considerably different from our forward-looking statements, expectations, forecasts and conclusions.

We can therefore assume no liability for their correctness and completeness or for the actual occurrence of the information provided. The English translation of the Deka Group Annual Report is provided for convenience only. The German original is definitive.

Gender clause

In this annual report, words in the masculine include words in the feminine; in parts of the report, the masculine form has solely been used to make the document easier to read.